An intensive 24 hour collaboration event to

produce impactful technology solutions for non-profit organizations.

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Parkinson's Wellness Fund

A mobile app solution that helps takes their Rides for Parkinson’s program into the digital age by dramatically improving patient transportation and driver management efficiency, and creating a scalable long term solution. Live on the App Store Jan. 2015

Wendy Walk

A database of all current centers specializing in treating liposarcoma. Prior to this database people searching for information and specialized treatment centers would have to know which sites to search through.

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Rock the Vote

The answer to getting more young people to register to vote is an app that pumps fun into the registration process in a sly and subversive way. A dating app targeted to conscientious singles who want to find likeminded civic-focused people with interests and concerns that are bigger than themselves.

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Got Your 6

An admin portal that automatically aggregates keyword-filtered content from 30+ partner websites and then allows the admin to post the content onto the front-end; content which the public are able to share.

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Enough Project

An app providing the means to inform and compel the public, creating strong connection and involvement with the work of the Enough Project.

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Sundance Institute

An intuitive online field map allowing the disbursement of content to partners around the country. Live late 2014/ early 2015  }

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"The job board we walked away with is invaluable to our organization. I cannot tell you enough how long we have been wanting to do this. Mainly, anybody offering an opportunity to vets in entertainment will now have a simple and easy online form to fill and submit and it will be posted for VFT members to see and respond to."

Sarah Serrano, Veterans in Film & Television

"Hackathons are the place for invention, innovation, and technological disruption, but seldom are they for the greater good. Pushing code at the Causathon was a chance to contribute what I know and do best by giving back to those in need.

Raymond J. , Developer

"I can’t believe what was accomplished in just 24 hours. Thanks to Causeathon we now have automated forms for our volunteers, beauty professionals and clients. I am thankful to Brand-Knew, all the developers and programmers and volunteers involved for their compassion to serve and make a tangible difference with real deliverables in such a short time. The high energy and giving spirit of the teams involved with this event is truly contagious! On behalf of Beauty Bus Foundation, thank you for including us and making a difference!"

Ronda Wilkin, Beauty Bus Foundation

"The LIVESTRONG Foundation prides itself on pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation, and I can’t think of a better way to exemplify this commitment than to participate in an event like Causathon. It is through events like these and the energy of a very dedicated group of skilled and talented creatives where innovation and ideation can occur. We were ecstatic to be afforded the opportunity to participate in this L.A. event which not only allowed us to walk away with some tangible ideas, but also helped us forge relationships with other non-profits."

Sean Ramsey, LIVESTRONG Foundation

"Causathon was an amazing experience for me as a developer. I got to meet and collaborate on real-world projects with other developers and designers for actual companies in the Los Angeles area. It was an awesome learning experience, and I highly recommend it for developers who want to experiment and level up. Nothing can really compare to the insanity of building a working real-world project within 24 hours."

Christie H. , Developer

"Wendy Walk was lucky to be able to participate in Causathon. The Causathon developers were so focused and professional. They created the exact tool we asked them to create in just 24 hours. Because of our participation in Causathon, Wendy Walk now has a tool that allows people with sarcomas to search by state to find out the best sarcoma centers near them. This will help so that people with Sarcoma can get the best treatments available to them."

Ali Landes , Wendy Walk

"Thank you so much for including in Causathon! What a powerful experience to see a room filled with so many talented developers and designers, all assembled to provide tools to help change the world for the better. Our team was fantastic, and after just 24 hours, we walked away with a viable app to help people find the perfect pet to adopt. I was so impressed with what every single team was able to build for their respective nonprofits. If you ever have an opening for a non-profit in a future Causathon, please count us in."

Abbie Moore,

"Spark LA is a non-profit that is connected to hundreds of different professionals and corporations throughout the city. Despite our relationships with developers and designers, it was through Causathon that we started to think outside the box to come up with ideas and innovative solutions for how to scale our program through technology. The app we created to more efficiently streamline communication and transportation is going to be a game-changer for our program."

Yoon S. Choi, PhD, Spark LA

"Not only do you have the chance to put your skills to great use for great causes, you meet fun, motivated people in your field who are also interested in making a difference. I signed up as an individual so that I could meet and work with new people, and we got along great. The representatives from Padres Contra El Cáncer were excited to work with us as well, and that was a great motivator."

Christopher D., UX Designer }