Non-Profit Application

Join Brand Knew as we host developers, designers and product managers in intensive collaboration for a 24 hour hackathon that produces impactful technology solutions for non-profits.

During the Causathon, teams of 5 will have 24 hours to choose, solve and present a solution for one social problem defined and submitted by your organization.

Opportunity for Charitable Organizations:

  1. Official 501(c)3 organizations may submit a current problem they are facing which they believe can be solved via an online or mobile application.
  2. Accepted organizations will be notified by Brand Knew
  3. Organizations will work alongside Brand Knew leading up to the Causathon, ensuring teams will have the necessary information to understand and conceptualize a solution to the problem.

We want YOU to be one of the lucky organizations to participate in our #HackforaCause.

Submission Overview

  • Charitable organizations must be able to verify they have 501(c)3 official status
  • At least one representative from your organization must be available during the beginning and end of the Causathon

Submit Your Organization

Please fill out this form to submit your organization. All fields are required.